What is JoyHey?

JoyHey is a happy pastel world created by combining wishes, imagination, and belief.


Daydreaming artist Krista Palmu is a Finnish photographer, digital artist, and consultant with the background in IT industry. She launched JoyHey (standing playfully for Joyful Hellos) in December 2010 after being encouraged by her Flickr fans around the world. Krista wanted to create a joyful pastel wonderland – an inspirational fantasy world full of happiness. Wishing to live an authentic, simple, and happy life Krista creates soft, ethereal daydreams with love. Through blending wishes, imagination, and belief, and using vintage treasures, such as cupcakes, bicycles, and balloons, as her ingredients, Krista conjures delicate pastel alchemy that resonates with the heart. Her intoxicating fantasies, or potions of joy, are enjoyed daily by hundreds of daydreamers around the world.


JoyArt or JoyHey fine art products and services are happy daydreams weaved by JoyHey. JoyHey specializes on pastel-colored, minimalistic, vintage-inspired fine art. Passionately creating traditional photography with a twist, each fine art photograph is taken with beloved and trusted JoyCam and post-processed in JoyLab carefully and mindfully in order to produce a charming dreamy glow. After the softening treatment, JoyHey pastel photographs are delivered to customers according to their individual preferences and/or printed on excellent-quality products using an advanced ink method to ensure vibrant image quality. All fine art products and services are highly original and exclusively designed by JoyHey. Whenever you need some happiness, JoyHey brings joyful hellos with love to your doorstep!


Meet the artist behind JoyHey. I am Krista, a daydreamer, who loves visual eye candy and tiny details. My style is sweet, simple, and soft representing the kind of life I wish to live and build. I love seeing the world through my pastel-colored lens and live in my own ethereal wonderland full of magic and miracles. I am a real world Alice in wonderland; a girl who never stopped dreaming. I carry my dream machine, more traditionally known as the camera, with me everywhere I go in hope of finding sweetness and beauty around me. Living on the sunny side of life brings me a great deal of joy and happiness. By sharing my whimsical adventures, I hope to make other daydreamers around the world smile more often, sincerely, and light-heartedly.

May your days be filled with joy